Consign With Us

Lets’ face it, a lot of women have never consigned before and don’t know how to go about starting. Then, there are a lot of places that offer consignment that just make the process WAAAAY too complicated! We don’t make it hard. It’s actually quite easy! It just takes a few simple steps:

1.)  Just call 478-305-0845 to make an appointment. This cuts down on your wait time for your items being accepted (we know you’re a busy woman) and allows us to give you our undivided attention (you deserve it).


2.)  Clean out your closet! I mean REALLY clean it out! But just remember, that we don’t accept clothing that has odors (launder them before you bring them in), stains or rips and tears (unless it is the original design of the garment). Wrinkled apparel has the tendency NOT to sell, it doesn’t matter how cute it is! We take extreme pride in your clothing and in our consignment boutique, we want you to do the same. Make 3 piles of your clothes…one to keep….one to consign….and one to take to your fave donation spot. We accept authentic brand name apparel, shoes, handbags and accessories.

3.)  Pack up your two piles, for consignment and to donate, and put them in your car. Drop off your items at your fave donation spot the next day (don’t forget your donation slip from them for your taxes) and bring us your items for consignment on your appointment day.

4.)  Sign your paperwork and get your copy and THAT’S IT! WE DO THE REST! Easy peasy!

We price it, tag and sell it! You get 40% of what sells (minus any admin fees, if any are assessed). Now, how easy is THAT?!?!

If you have any more questions just call us! We’ll be more than happy to answer them for you!


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