Keep Your Money


Love to shop? Low on cash? Frugal with your dollars? We understand! Everyone is ALWAYS looking for a way to get more bang for their buck; It’s just human nature and with your dollars being a LOT harder to come by, it’s a very logical solution to the dollar shortage in your wallet or you can building your savings and STILL shop. We don’t know if you’ve heard about this small thrifting group based here in Macon, GA; but it is just the ticket! Members receive discounts at select shoppes in the area! All you do is purchase a purple shopping tote at one of these select shoppes and START SAVING! Absolute win-win deal. We promise!

Want a shopping bag? WE HAVE IT! Want a discount? WE HAVE THAT TOO! Thrifting Central Georgia members receive 15% OFF at Deja Vous Consignment & Boutique EVERYDAY! Did we just say that?!? YEAH…..We did! Obtaining a shopping bag is EASY. Stop by and purchase one for ONLY $5. You read it right……….JUST 5 BUCKS! You start saving IMMEDIATELY! This bag comes with so many perks for just 5 buckaroos it is crazy!

We absolutely LOVE our customers and consignors to pieces! We offer these exclusive savings to you just because YOU’RE YOU!! Get your bag and start the savings TODAY!!

Deja Vous Consignment & Boutique

2786 Riverside Drive Macon, GA 31204


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