Below you will find all the current raffles taking place for the week. All raffles start every Monday and end the following Sunday. The current raffles will end on Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 12 pm. Click on each picture or the link leading to each individual raffle are listed under pictures. All winners will be announced via Instagram. Make sure you follow to keep up with your winnings. All prizes will automatically be mailed to address used when tickets were purchased. Free shipping. Good Luck!

$1 Bold Gold 5-Layer Necklace Raffle

$1 Hush Turquoise Necklace Set Raffle

$1 Yellow Flower Necklace Set Raffle

$1 Makarlon Anchor Necklace Set Raffle

$1 Beaded Multi-Layer Necklace Set Raffle

$2 Hannah Collection Statement Necklace Set Raffle

$1 Platinum Sparkle Beaded Necklace Set Raffle

$2 Bebe Red Necklace Raffle

$2 Mia Collection Statement Necklace Set Raffle

$2 Catherine Stein Gold Statement Necklace Raffle